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Australian Cattle Dog lovers are sure to be howling in delight when they see these stunning Australian Cattle Dog jewelry designs. You can shop for a one-of-a-kind Australian Cattle Dog pendant that features a cow in its body to depict its cattle herding history or wear our Australian Cattle Dog earrings that will have your friends spinning in circles to get their own Australian Cattle Dog gifts.
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The most amazing characteristic of the Australian Cattle Dog is its devotion to completing a task, no matter how arduous. The Australian terrain is notoriously varied and challenging to maneuver, including the grasslands of Queensland where these Cattle Dogs originated. Not just any herding dog could hold up to the task. Without the Australian Cattle Dog, it is doubtful that the Australian Beef Industry would be what it is today. In the 1840s, people began breeding blue merle Collies that had come to the Australian Continent from the United Kingdom with the Dingo. The Dingo had most likely been brought to the island by Asian seafarers almost 4,000 years ago. Later the Aussie Cattle Dog would be mixed with a fine Dalmatian stud to achieve the red or blue speckle found on some dogs. The Australian Cattle Dog has a long lineage that makes it the incredibly intelligent and rugged canine cattle driver it has become today, and we celebrate it’s history with our Australian Cattle Dog jewelry collection.