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Belgian Sheepdog lovers will be drooling when they see our authentic line of Belgian Sheepdog jewelry. The Belgian Sheepdog pendant body was designed with a sheep inside because of their history in herding sheep. You will find a stunning pair of Belgian Sheepdog earrings, and find a unique Belgian Sheepdog necklace that will make a great dog gift for other people who love dogs.
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The Belgian Sheepdog, also known as the Chien de Berger Beige and the Groenendael for the Belgian city of its origin, is the splendid solid-black variety of the four Belgian Shepherd dogs. Much like the other Belgian Shepherd breeds, the agile and highly trainable Belgian Sheepdog was originally bred for its herding ability. Famed for its versatility and work ethic, the dogs were used as police dogs in New York and Paris in the early 20th century, and as watchdogs for European border patrols. They also served as military dogs, carrying messages and pulling ambulance and machine-gun carts during the two World Wars. Today, Belgian Sheepdogs perform well in sports such as conformation, obedience, schutzhund and tracking, and as search-and-rescue dogs, guide dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs. Officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1912, this bright and full of life Belgian Shepherd dog is also known as a devoted companion, captivating hearts with its affection and friendliness.

These bright, black sheep herders are elegant only in appearance, do not let their beauty fool you. They are hard workers, full of life, and have a natural aptitude for guarding the flock. This protectiveness comes from their possessive affection for their master and those they know well. Never fearful, shy, or vicious, the noble Belgian Sheepdog is also known as the Groenendael. Officially named in 1910, the long-haired, black Belgian Sheepdog was named for the village where they were first bred.