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A cross of two beloved breeds, our Goldendoodle jewelry line shines with gorgeous texture and flair that will make a great gift for other Goldendoodle lovers. Shop for your own Goldendoodle necklace or Goldendoodle earrings that are sure to make your friends drool. These designs feature a 3D texture that adds artistic flair to the Goldendoodle pendant and showcases their happy-go-lucky personality.
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A cross of two beloved breeds, the Goldendoodle shines as a new dog star with lots of button-nose, fuzzy appeal. The original Goldendoodle, a mix of the super-smart standard Poodle and sunny-natured Golden Retriever, bounded into popularity in the late 1990s. Some of the Goldendoodles display the stocky Retriever build and others the slender Poodle body. It is such a new crossbreed that it is not recognized by the major kennel clubs. Like its predecessor the Labradoodle, a Labrador Retriever-standard Poodle mix, the Goldendoodle was conceived as an amiable companion for people with mild allergies to dogs. With a low to no-shed eye-catching coat, the popular Golden Poo also appeals to those who dread loose dog hair on their clothes or furniture.

The designer dog enjoys “hybrid vigor,” or greater health resulting from crossing two unrelated breeds. Gregarious, good-natured and greatly intelligent, Goldendoodles love to please and easily gobble up their owners’ commands. They come in a hefty range of colors and sizes. Their beautiful coats can feature curls or straight feathers, or they can be wavy as depicted by our Goldendoodle jewelry. These affectionate pups make great service dogs and snuggly kid-friendly pets. Our collection of Goldendoodle jewelry casts a spotlight on this highly huggable hound.