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Doga, or Dog Yoga, is beautifully represented in our Namaste Collection. In this collection you will find a Golden Retriever pendant who is in a Warrior III pose, a Papillon charm in a Crescent Lunge pose, and a Doberman Pinscher necklace in a Boat Pose. Each piece is unqiuely designed to captivate the minds of yoga lovers. This collection would make a stunning gift for dog lovers. Renew your mind with our relaxing Namaste jewelry collection!
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Doga, or Dog Yoga, is becoming an increasing popular way to become one with our dogs, our world, and place in the universe. Those who choose to practice yoga with their dogs are seeking to build greater harmony and a more positive attachment with their pets. Yoga with dogs improves bonding and allows the owner and pet to relax together. Doga can be an important part of socialization while reaping health benefits such as improved circulation, flexibility, and better range of motion. Dog Yoga can be an excellent and healthful form of entertainment. By combining human yoga with dog training, mediation, gentle massage and stretching pet owners can achieve a more blissful plane together.

Dog Yoga helps renew and restore spiritual energy while also renewing and refreshing the body through stretching. The Namaste jewelry line celebrates the positive energy that the practice of yoga helps to put out into the world for humans and dogs alike. Zen jewelry highlights that the effort to becoming centered and aware in all aspects of life can lead to fulfillment, contentment and peaceful well-being. Sterling Silver Yoga jewelry honors the spirituality and higher consciousness that can be achieved by becoming one with the energies that surround us. Receiving positive chakras and sending out positive energy along our journey leaving the world and those around us a bit better than we found them.

Namaste is our signature piece to the Namaste Collection. Pictured below is Surf, our inspiration for this collection.