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Newfoundlands make excellent companions, and they are truly exceptional swimmers. Not only do they LOVE to swim, they can be trained to save people from drowning, even in the ocean. Showing no fear, these brave dogs are living life buoys. They will jump out of helicopters into the ocean without hesitation to save someone in distress! On top of that, they swim back to safety, choosing the best landing point and selecting the safest currents to move through. The Newfoundland has a friendly disposition and incredible intelligence, but they are also incredibly brave heroes.

Newf owners know these dogs are gentle giants. Regularly weighing in at at least 100 pounds, these cuddly titans love to snuggle and don’t seem to understand when they are too big for your lap; they will make themselves fit. Devoted, patient and sweet, these dogs are excellent companions. Their massive heads can look intimidating, but the Newfoundland’s defining characteristics are intelligence, dignity, and sweet sincerity.