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Bred to be strong hunters, our Rat Terrier jewelry line will be something you remember! Loved by Rat Terrier lovers around the world, our Rat Terrier pendants were designed with a rat and a squirrel inside their bodies to represent their hunting abilities that kept small rodents away. Get your friends spinning in circles when they see your Rat Terrier earrings or surprise them with a dog gift that other dog moms will love.
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A strong hunter, exceptional digger, and lovable companion, the Rat Terrier is a breed to remember! Cherished by terrier lovers across the globe, the Rat Terrier, also known as the American Rat Terrier, is a small breed with a big personality. Beginning in the 1910s, the Rat Terrier was commonly used on farms to keep pesky rodents at bay. While the Rat Terrier proved to be a stellar hunter, it became clear the audacious, energetic terrier was also a fantastic family pet.

Sterling Silver Rat Terrier Jewelry is a must-have item for all Rat Terrier lovers. Medium in size, but high in energy, the Rat Terrier, also known as the American Rat Terrier, is a favorite among terrier lovers for its playfulness, intelligence, and sharp hunting ability. The Rat Terrier is known to be a fantastic digger and is easily entertained when chasing squirrels, rabbits, and rodents. The Rat Terrier is incredibly hardy and well-mannered, which makes this working breed a tremendous hunter, excellent farm dog, and a loyal companion for family members of all ages.