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Looking for Saint Bernard jewelry that will tell a story? When you take a look at our Saint Bernard pendant, you will see the story of this breed's rich history. Our body pendant was designed with a mountain to represent its history from the 18th century when they helped locate and rescue lost travelers in the Swiss Alps. This breed may be hefty, but our Saint Bernard earrings are light enough to dangle elegantly as you show them off to your friends. If you're looking for a great dog gift, get your fellow Saint Bernard lovers something they'll be barking about.
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A gentle giant with an impeccable work ethic, the Saint Bernard is a devoted family companion with a truly rich history. The Saint Bernard, also referred to as the Alpine Mountain Dog, was given its name in the early 18th century by monks at the hospice of Saint Bernard, located in the Swiss Alps. At that time, the Saint Bernard was used to locate and rescue lost travelers. A member of the Mastiff family, the Saint Bernard can range anywhere from 140 to 260 pounds. Though large, the Saint Bernard is abundantly patient and gentle, earning its title as a “nanny dog” to children of all ages.

Today, the gentle giant is regarded as a dutiful worker and a loyal family companion, earning its nickname as a “nanny dog” due to the breed’s high tolerance and patience with children young and old.