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Originally bred to be watchdogs, our Schipperke jewelry line captures the essence of this breed with its unique design. Our Schipperke pendant was specifically designed with a barge in its body because of the breed's history to protect barges in Belgium. Schipperke earrings won't go unnoticed when your friends see these stunning designs. You are sure to find the perfect Schipperke gift when you shop this one-of-a-kind line.
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Schipperke’s are pint size powerhouses built for hard work. Originally bred to be watchdogs and ratters on the low country barges of Belgium, the independent and alert Schip is always ready for duty. Confident and curious, the Schipperke keeps a keen eye on every thing and everyone around them, making them the ideal candidate for the job. Compact in build with a fox-like face, and black coat, Belgium’s Little Captain can stealthily traverse the tight quarters of a low county barge largely unnoticed by humans and prey until the Schip chooses to make themselves known.

Schipperke lovers know there is never a dull moment with this lively little black dog. Schips are long lived companions who are independent explorers at heart. Fiercely loyal to their owners and skeptical of strangers, many would be surprised to know that during World War II, the Belgian Resistance used the dogs to run messages between various resistance hideouts and cells. The Schipperke’s stealth ensured occupying Nazi Forces were none the wiser. Today, the Little Captain can be seen successfully competing in tracking and rally. While Schipperke’s have a reputation for being a bit mischievous, with a trusted partner, the petite barge dog has the potential to excel in obedience and agility. Owners will delight in wearing Schipperke jewelry to celebrate the pup that sailed away with their heart.