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Bred for courage and intelligence, this stunning Weimaraner jewelry line was made with Weimaraner lovers in mind. The Weimaraner pendant is designed with ducks in its body to signify its history as an all-purpose bird hunting dog that could point and retrieve on land and water. Our Weimaraner earrings are equally as lustrous, which would make a great dog gift for other dog moms.
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Weimaraners were originally bred for courage and intelligence to hunt large game and have evolved into small game and all-purpose bird hunting dogs. The Weimaraner has strong prey drive and keen scenting abilities which makes the Weim a well-rounded hunter that excel in tracking, pointing and retrieving on both land and in water.

Celebrated images of the Weimaraner are most associated with William Wegman’s creative photos, calendars and books. Weimaraners have a silvery grey coat and very distinctive colored, hauntingly penetrating eyes that have earned them the knickname “Grey Ghost”; both are characteristics that hypnotize Weim lovers. The Weimaraner is known for its physical endurance, high energy and stamina. Weimaraners are extremely intelligent but also independent thinkers which have given them a reputation of being stubborn.