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Have you herd that Dazzling Paws Jewelry offers a unique line of Border Collie jewelry focusing on this great breed's herding ability. Owner and designer Myra is a big Border Collie fan and enjoys drawing herding breed jewelry and then bringing it to life. One-of-a-kind Border Collie pendant features sheep in the body to pay homage to the working breed. Don't be surprised if a flock of sheep move out of your way when they see you wearing a Border Collie necklace with matching Border Collie earrings. Celebrate the BC lover in your life when you share a Border Collie gift with them.
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The Border Collie is beloved by many as an impressive species of herding dog. Originating along the Border country between England and Scotland, they were raised for their obedient sense of how to wrangle sheep and for their ability to work long days on rugged terrain. Shepherds, farmers, and dog lovers alike agree that Border Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds on earth. Their ability to move sheep over incredibly long distances is an impressive feat. The Borderlands of Scotland and England have no natural predators for the sheep, but the hilly terrain is incredibly difficult to maneuver the sheep over while keeping them together. As early as the 1700s, UK Shepherds began competitions to display their prized Border Collie’s abilities, a tradition that made its way across the pond to competitions all over America, most notably the Meeker National in Colorado.

The Border Collie is known for two unique herding techniques, the Crouch and the Eye. The skill of eye contact takes particular finesse. An excellent herding dog knows the right amount of Eye gains control over the sheep without threatening it or making the sheep afraid.The Border Collie is extremely intelligent and a natural-born athlete, with great speed and stamina. It’s also highly trainable, allowing the Border Collie dog to excel not just at herding sheep, but also at performing amazing tricks, particularly with a Frisbee!