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  • Airedale Terrier

    Airedale Terrier lovers will enjoy shopping our unique lines of Airedale Terrier jewelry. You will find the perfect Airedale Terrier gift for that dog lover on your list. Add some flair to your outfit with an elegant Airedale Terrier necklace.
  • Akita

    Akita jewelry can make a statement that will get your dog friends drooling. Akita lovers will enjoy shopping our unique line of Akita necklaces and Akita Earring that make great dog lovers gifts.
  • Alaskan Klee Kai

    Alaskan Klee Kai lovers will be spinning in circles with our unique line of Alaskan Klee Kai jewelry. Whether you are searching for the perfect Alaskan Klee Kai pendant or earring set, you are sure to drool when you find the perfect Alaskan Klee Kai gifts for yourself or a friend.
  • Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute jewelry is sure to have your friends drooling when they see this stunning breed collection. Alaskan Malamute lovers will have the time of their life finding the perfect Alaskan Malamute necklace to show off. You're sure to be howling when you see our matching Alaskan Malamute earrings. This whole collection would make great Alaskan Malamute gifts that will have your friends barking up a storm.
  • American Eskimo Dog

    American Eskimo are known for their beautiful white lush coat and their rocket energy. American Eskimo shoppers will discover jewelry that features fur accents that makes these designs so unique. If you’re looking for the perfect American Eskimo gift to get your loved one, look no further! With our American Eskimo jewelry collection that cannot be found in stores, you are sure to find the perfect American Eskimo pendant or earring set to add a little flair to your outfit.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier

    Searching for a unique American Staffordshire Terrier necklace to complete your look for the evening? With our American Staffordshire Terrier jewelry line, Amstaff lovers are sure to find the perfect American Staffordshire Terrier charm and matching earrings that all make great gifts for dog lovers.
  • Australian Cattle Dog

    Australian Cattle Dog lovers are sure to be howling in delight when they see these stunning Australian Cattle Dog jewelry designs. You can shop for a one-of-a-kind Australian Cattle Dog pendant that features a cow in its body to depict its cattle herding history or wear our Australian Cattle Dog earrings that will have your friends spinning in circles to get their own Australian Cattle Dog gifts.
  • Australian Shepherd

    Aussie lovers are sure to drool when they see this unique line of Australian Shepherd jewelry. This line features authentic designs that would be the some of the best gifts for dog lovers. Whether you are looking for the perfect Australian Shepherd charm or Aussie earrings, your friends are sure to be barking up your tree.
  • Basenji

    Shop unique Basenji jewelry gifts for dog moms. Sterling silver Basenji necklaces and earrings reflect the courageous spirit and athleticism of the sighthound. Basenji owners will be jumping up and down with excitement to find high quality Basenji pendants and personalized paw print ribbon accessories to celebrate accomplishments in lure coursing, agility, tracking and obedience competitions.
  • Basset Hound

    Looking for a great dog gift for your fellow Basset Hound lover? With our Basset Hound jewelry, you are sure to find the perfect Basset Hound necklace that has a unique twist with a rabbit designed into the Basset Hound body as part of its breed history for sniffing out its prey. Our Basset Hound earrings would also make a great statement for and dog lovers looking to add a little bling to their outfit.
  • Beagle

    Beagle jewelry is sure to have your friends wondering if you’re fur’real when you walk in wearing your Beagle necklace and matching pair of Beagle earrings. With this design that is not found in stores, the Beagle pendant is a distinctive piece that captures a bunny in the ear of the Beagle head to share a part of the breed’s history in hunting rabbits. Get your Beagle friends drooling when you surprise them with their own dog gifts.
  • Bearded Collie

    Find handcrafted Bearded Collie jewelry that pays homage to the heritage of the captivating herding dog. The distinctive line of sterling silver Beardie necklaces and earrings make unique gifts for dog moms. Pair the charming Bearded Collie pendants with high quality personalized paw print enhancers to create a one-of-a-kind gift that honors your favorite dog.
  • Belgian Malinois

    Belgian Malinois jewelry is sure to make a statement when your friends see you wearing your Belgian Malinois necklace or Belgian Malinois earrings with the US flag inside them to signify the service this brave and intelligent dog has given to this country. Originally bread for protecting farms and their families, the Belgian Malinois pendant was respectfully designed with a K-9 vest in the body because of their assistance to the military. These stunning designs are sure to be the perfect dog gift for other Belgian Malinois lovers.
  • Belgian Sheepdog

    Belgian Sheepdog lovers will be drooling when they see our authentic line of Belgian Sheepdog jewelry. The Belgian Sheepdog pendant body was designed with a sheep inside because of their history in herding sheep. You will find a stunning pair of Belgian Sheepdog earrings, and find a unique Belgian Sheepdog necklace that will make a great dog gift for other people who love dogs.
  • Belgian Tervuren

    Regarded as an obedient working dog, our Belgian Tervuren jewelry is sure to make a stunning accent piece to your outfit. Belgian Tervuren lovers will find a sheep designed into the body of our Belgian Tervuren pendant as part of the breed’s unique history. Our Belgian Tervuren earrings are also beautifully designed to pair with your Belgian Tervuren necklace that all make great dog lovers gifts.
  • Berger Picard

    Berger Picard lovers will appreciate the history of our stunning line of Berger Picard jewelry. The body of our beautifully sculpted Berger Picard pendant body was designed with a sheep’s head to signify their sheep herding history in the Picardy region of France. Our Berger Picard earrings were also uniquely sculpted to match the body that other dog lovers would love to receive as a one-of-a-kind dog gift.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog

    Bernese Mountain Dog lovers will enjoy shopping our distinctive line of Bernese Mountain Dog jewelry. Our Bernese Mountain Dog pendant body design captures a cart in the body as a unique twist on this breed's history. You're sure to find beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog earrings that would make a great dog lovers gift.
  • Bichon Frise

    Find the perfect gift for dog lovers when you shop our Bichon Frise jewelry! Get your tail wagging with our one-of-a-kind Bichon Frise pendant or Bichon Frise earrings that will light up the room. Have your friends rolling over in delight when they see you've gotten them their own Bichon Frise necklace.
  • Bloodhound

    Bloodhound jewelry is bound to make a statement when you shop our line that is not found in stores. Get your friends barking with a unique Bloodhound necklace, or stun your friends with our unique Bloodhound earrings that have feet in the body to indicate their sharp sense of smell where they are used for search and rescue missions across the globe. You are sure to find an authentic piece of Bloodhound jewelry that would make a great gift for any dog lover.
  • Border Collie

    Have you herd that Dazzling Paws Jewelry offers a unique line of Border Collie jewelry focusing on this great breed's herding ability. Owner and designer Myra is a big Border Collie fan and enjoys drawing herding breed jewelry and then bringing it to life. One-of-a-kind Border Collie pendant features sheep in the body to pay homage to the working breed. Don't be surprised if a flock of sheep move out of your way when they see you wearing a Border Collie necklace with matching Border Collie earrings. Celebrate the BC lover in your life when you share a Border Collie gift with them.
  • Border Terrier

    Celebrate the Border Terrier lover in your life by surprising them with our stunning Border Terrier jewelry line! This energetic breed features a fox in the Border Terrier pendant body to represent the fox hunts they assisted on by crawling into burrows and digging until they found their prey. Share this shimmering piece with your friends by getting them their own dog gift like our Border Terrier earrings, or even a matching Border Terrier necklace.
  • Borzoi

    Share your love for Borzoi jewelry by shopping our distinctive Borzoi collection. This gorgeous breed, also known as the Russian Wolfhound for many centuries, depicts their heritage by designing a wolf in the Borzoi pendant body. The Borzoi earrings also match its elegance in a way that perfectly complements the Borzoi necklace. This entire line is a perfect dog lovers gift.
  • Boston Terrier

    Known to look like they're wearing a tuxedo, our Boston Terrier jewelry is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Capture their shining personalities with a Boston Terrier necklace, or captivate your friends when they see your shimmering Boston Terrier earrings. Our jewelry is sure to make a great dog mom gift.
  • Boxer

    Known to be loyal to the family and their spirited nature, Boxer jewelry is sure to get you drooling when you shop our unique line. Boxer lovers will find a perfect Boxer necklace or Boxer earrings that make great dog gifts for dog lovers.
  • Brittany

    Make a statement with our Brittany jewelry that is sure to make your friends bark in excitement. Known for being smart, fun-loving, and gentle, our Brittany pendant body was designed with a pheasant because of its history in hunting fowl. Get yourself a matching pair of Brittany earrings to wow the crowd or as a gift for other dog moms.
  • Brussels Griffon

    Known for being a ruff and tough rat dog to keep livery stables free of vermin, this stunning Brussels Griffon jewelry is sure to impress any Brussels Griffon lover. Our Brussels Griffon pendant body was created with a Rough Coat and Smooth Coat, each with a rat designed in the body to symbolize their breed history. Brussels Griffon earrings make great dog gifts that are sure to make a statement other dog lovers are sure to drool over.
  • Bull Terrier

    Looking for attention? You're sure to find it with our Bull Terrier jewelry! Known for its distinct look, our Bull Terrier jewelry creates a lasting look that will have others rolling over to get a peek at your Bull Terrier necklace or matching earrings. Add a little more playfulness to your life when you surprise your dog lover friends with a Bull Terrier gift.
  • Bulldog

    Bulldog lovers will find our smoosh faced, skin wrinkled, Bulldog jewelry absolutely entrancing when shopping our unique line. Whether you're searching for the perfect Bulldog pendant or charm, or looking to spice things up with Bulldog earrings, other dog lovers are sure to be chasing after your tail. Surprise other Bulldog fans with a Bulldog gift that will get them howling.
  • Bullmastiff

    Looking for Bullmastiff jewelry that will captivate the dog moms in your life? Look no further! Originally bred in the United Kingdom as a guard dog, this powerful Bullmastiff jewelry is meant to leave a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for a Bullmastiff necklace or wanting to go bold with Bullmastiff earrings, your dog mom friends will be wagging their tails. Bullmastiff jewelry also makes great dog gifts for other Bullmastiff dog moms in your life.
  • Cairn Terrier

    Named after large piles of stone that marked Scottish memorial sites, our Cairn Terrier jewelry hits the mark with our one-of-a-kind line to shop from. If you take a closer look at our Cairn Terrier pendant, the body conceals a rat within the body, just as the breed were known to hunt out. You can also create a matching pair of Cairn Terrier earrings or surprise a dog lover friend with these unique Cairn Terrier gifts.
  • Cane Corso

    Classed as part of the working group, our gorgeous Cane Corso jewelry line will be turning heads. Cane Corso lovers will find the perfect Cane Corso gift with our uniquely made Cane Corso pendant with a boar in its body to represent its history with wild boar hunting. You will also find the option of Cane Corso earrings with cropped ears or natural ears to add to your collection.
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi

    Originating from the country of Wales, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi jewelry was designed with their breed history in mind. Our Cardigan Welsh Corgi pendant features a sheep in its body because they were used to herd cattle and sheep in the countryside. Cardigan Welsh Corgi lovers will enjoy shopping this authentic line of Cardigan Welsh Corgi necklaces and Cardigan Welsh Corgi earrings that all make great gifts for dog lovers.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Capturing the hearts of many dog lovers, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel jewelry line has a stunning collection to choose from that all make great dog lover gifts. Create a stunning outfit ensemble with a Cavalier King Charles necklace and matching Cavalier King Charles earrings that is sure to have your friends spinning in circles.
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever

    Chesapeake Bay Retriever lovers will adore this unique line of Chesapeake Bay Retriever jewelry. Originally bred to hunt waterfowl, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever pendant features a duck in its body because this breed was used to retrieve up to 200 ducks a day. You can also add a pair of Chesapeake Bay Retriever earrings that are sure to complement any outfit. Enjoy shopping our one-of-a-kind line that all make great gifts for dog lovers.
  • Chihuahua

    Chihuahuas may be the smallest dog breed, but their big attitude and fun-loving personalities make up for their size! Chihuahua lovers will adore this gorgeous line of Chihuahua jewelry that also features a sombrero in the Chihuahua pendant body because of their mexican history. You can shop for the perfect Chihuahua earrings that are fur'real! Chihuahua lovers will find a stunning piece of jewelry for themselves or as a gift for other dog moms.
  • Chinese Crested

    Our Chinese Crested jewelry honors the history of this breed with our lustrous line that captures the history of this exotic breed. Used as form of pest countrol for Chinese mariners, this breed is a wonderfully athletic breed that often wins in agility, conformation, and obedience trials worldwide. Celebrate its history with your own Chinese Crested necklace, or switch things up and get yourself a pair of Chinese Crested earrings that can be hairless or powder puff style. Surprise other Chinese Crested dog moms with their own Chinese Crested gifts.
  • Chinese Shar Pei

    Find handcrafted Chinese Shar Pei jewelry gifts for dog moms. Designer sterling silver Shar Pei pendant necklaces and earrings make a striking statement in the competition ring or out on the town. Fans of the wrinkled dog will appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that reflects the heritage of the loyal guardian. Compliment your favorite Shar Pei charm with a personalized enhancer to represent your one-of-a-kind journey with your heart dog.
  • Chow Chow

    Known for its dignified presence, our Chow Chow jewelry exudes an air of sophistication that matches their one-of-a-kind personality. You can find yourself a shimmering Chow Chow necklace or create a stunning pair of Chow Chow earrings that are sure to get your friends drooling. You'll enjoy shopping for dog gifts that will have other Chow Chow lovers rolling over in anticipation.
  • Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel lovers will be wagging their tails when they see this one-of-a-kind Cocker Spaniel jewelry collection. This unique line features the Cocker Spaniel pendant with a pheasant in the body because they were bred to hunt these types of fowl. Our matching Cocker Spaniel earrings also feature the pheasant inside the bodies to complete this authentic collection. You will find the perfect Cocker Spaniel gift that any dog mom will enjoy.
  • Collie -Smooth & Rough

    Coming from a rich history of royal blood, our Collie jewelry showcases a beautiful line that will make a perfect gift for dog lovers. Originally used as Queen Victoria's watchdog, herding dog, and family member, our Collie pendant features a ram in the body to represent their herding history. Our line also features a rough coat or a smooth coat that can be found when you find the perfect pair of Collie earrings.
  • Dachshund Longhaired

    Translated in German to be the "badger dog," our Dachshund jewelry features a stunning collection that will make the perfect dog lovers gift. Our Longhaired Dachshund pendant features a badger in its body to represent their breed history to smell and hunt badgers. If you're looking for a design without, we also have Dachshund necklaces or Dachshund earrings that are sure to get your friends howling.
  • Dachshund Smooth Coat

    Dachshunds, meaning "badger dog" in German, depicts this lively breed with our Dachshund jewelry line. Known for their keen sense of smell and hunting ability, our Dacshund pendant features a badger designed in the body to represent their hunting history. You can also find yourself a pair of Dachshund earrings without the badger, or get a Dachshund necklace as a gift for the dog mom in your life.
  • Dachshund Wirehaired

    Coming from Germany, our Dachshund jewelry features this playful breed with our authentic designs that honor their hunting history with our Dacshund pendant featuring a badger in its body. Just as these breeds are clever and curious, you'll find other dog lovers gifts when you shop our Dachshund necklaces or Dachshund earrings that are sure to get your friends wagging their tails.
  • Dalmatian

    Known for their confident and high energy, our Dalmatian jewelry is sure to catch attention. Originally bred as a guard dog for people traveling in horse-drawn carriages, the Dalmatian is known today as the "firehouse dog." Our Dalmatian pendant features this unique part of history by designing a fire hat into the body, and you can also pair your Dalmatian necklace with a matching pair of Dalmatian earrings that would make a great dog gift for other Dalmatian lovers.
  • Doberman Pinscher

    Bred to be loyal, vigilant guardians, our Doberman Pinscher jewelry exudes a confident and elegant appearance. This line includes two gorgeous Doberman Pinscher pendants with a cropped ear or natural ear, as well as Doberman Pinscher earrings that you can wear to get other dog lovers barking. Also included in this line is our one-of-a-kind doga pendant that features a Doberman Pinscher doing yoga! You're sure to find a Doberman Pinscher necklace for yourself or as a dog gift for your fellow Dobie lover.
  • Dutch Shepherd

    Lively and athletic, our Dutch Shepherd jewelry depicts this gorgeous breed with our authentic Dutch Shepherd collection. Best known to be a jack of all trades, our Dutch Shepherd pendant features a sheep in its body because of their most valuable asset as a livestock drover and farm guardian. Our Dutch Shepherd earrings exude a sense of intelligence like the breed, and can also make the perfect dog gift for other Dutch Shepherd lovers.
  • English Cocker Spaniel

    Known as one of the oldest types of Spaniels, our English Cocker Spaniel jewelry honors this breed with our captivating line that would make the perfect gift for dog lovers. Our English Cocker Spaniel pendant is unique with a pheasant designed in the body as part of the English Cocker Spaniel's history for catching pheasants. Share the breed's elegance with English Cocker Spaniel earrings or an English Cocker Spaniel necklace that is sure to have your friends wagging their tails.
  • English Springer Spaniel

    Combining a sense of athleticism and gorgeous style, our English Springer Spaniel jewelry captures this unique line that would make a great gift for dog lovers. Bred for catching pheasants, the English Spring Spaniel pendant features a pheasant in the body to capture this breed history. Get yourself a matching pair of English Springer Spaniel earrings with feathers designed in the ear to make you shine.
  • Flat-Coated Retriever

    Retriever lovers will adore our Flat-Coated Retriever jewelry collection that captures their hunting and loyal personalities that all make great dog gifts for other Retriever fans. Originally bred to retrieve ducks, our Flat-Coated Retriever pendant features ducks in the body to showcase their history in the water. Show off your love when you snag a pair of Flat-Coated Retriever earrings that are sure to get your friends spinning in circles.
  • French Bulldog

    Known for their fun-loving and affectionate nature, our French Bulldog jewelry line is sure to make great gifts for dog lovers that will get their tails wagging! Nicknamed as the "Frenchie," you can find a stunning French Bulldog necklace or distinctive French Bulldog earrings that shows off their adorable wrinkles. Make yourself the center of attention when you show off your French Bulldog pendants!
  • German Pointer- Short and Wire

    Known for their keen scenting ability, versatility in hunting, and affectionate nature, our German Shorthaired Pointer and German Wirehaired Pointer jewelry is sure to make great dog gifts that will stun other German Shorthaired Pointer and German Wirehaired Pointer lovers. Our German Shorthaired Pointer pendant is unique, as it holds a quail within its body to signify their history in hunting quail as all-purpose hunting gun dogs. Our German Wirehaired Pointer earrings or German Wirehaired Pointer necklace would also make a great addition to your dog jewelry collection.
  • German Shepherd

    Celebrated for their many talents, our German Shepherd jewelry line features our newest addition, a German Shepherd breed ring that would make a stunning dog gift for men or women! Commonly known for being a police or military dog, our lustrous German Shepherd necklace or German Shepherd earrings would make a great addition to your German Shepherd jewelry collection.
  • Golden Retriever

    Known as one of the most beloved and popular breeds worldwide, our Golden Retriever jewelry line features several new designs such as our Golden Retriever breed ring that would make a perfect dog gift for men or women, our doga Golden Retriever charm that features the dog in a Warrior III pose, and the addition to add your Golden Retriever pendants in our Colossal Blinger. Our Golden Retriever pendants also feature a pheasant in their body because of their hunting history, and with so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pair of Golden Retriever earrings for yourself or a friend.
  • Goldendoodle

    A cross of two beloved breeds, our Goldendoodle jewelry line shines with gorgeous texture and flair that will make a great gift for other Goldendoodle lovers. Shop for your own Goldendoodle necklace or Goldendoodle earrings that are sure to make your friends drool. These designs feature a 3D texture that adds artistic flair to the Goldendoodle pendant and showcases their happy-go-lucky personality.
  • Gordon Setter

    Noble and dignified, our Gordon Setter jewelry creates the perfect sense of lustrous appeal in this line that will make a great dog gift to other Gordon Setter lovers. Our Gorden Setter pendant is uniquely designed with a grouse inside the body due to their hunting history. You will excude a sense of intelligence when you wear Gordon Setter earrings that are bold, yet captivating.
  • Great Dane

    Designed to match their powerful personality, our Great Dane jewelry line will make a stunning dog gift for other Great Dane lovers. Some know this breed from the popular cartoon, Scooby Doo, which would make a great piece to talk about when you wear a Great Dane necklace or don a pair of Great Dane earrings that are sure to get your friends howling.
  • Great Pyrenees

    With history dating back to the early 15th century, our Great Pyrenees jewelry will make a statement when you surprise other Great Pyrenees lovers with this stunning dog gift. Originally bred to protect shepherds and their flocks, our Great Pyrenees pendant features a fox in its body because they guarded against nighttime predators like the fox. You can also show off your love for this magnificent breed with your own Great Pyrenees earrings that are one-of-a-kind.
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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  • Greyhound

    Originating from Egypt, our gorgeous Greyhound jewelry makes the perfect gift for Greyhound lovers. Bred to detect, chase, and capture the wildlife in Egypt's deserts, our Greyhound pendant features a fox in its body to depict their hunting history. You can also find stunning Greyhound earrings that are sure to be making your friends wag their tails.