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The English Springer Spaniel combines incredible athleticism with gorgeous style and the function of a versatile sporting gun dog. English Springers are balanced, medium sized dogs that carry themselves proudly and with great enthusiasm! Springer Spaniels are playful and friendly, trusting and loving people-oriented dogs which makes ESS wonderful family pets! Most Springers love to swim and show instinctive birdiness! The English Springer Spaniel earned its name from their ability to flush or “spring” game out of hiding.

The English Springer Spaniel is an active, multi-purpose dog breed that can be your hunting companion, a delightful family pet and an elegant show dog- now that is balance and versatility! English Springers have the exceptional ability to combine being friendly, playful, and obedient while also being affectionate, athletic, and beautiful. Popular all around companions, Springer Spaniels are people-oriented and always ready for exercise and adventure.